One Summers – intern speaks

Joining Sparkle Science for a summer internship had been a very last-minute decision for me, based on a strong recommendation from a prior intern. However, it will be one of my most cherished decisions. The vision that Sparkle Science carries is one that I always strongly identified with, and finally got to contribute towards, in my capacity, during my stint with this organization. I was … Continue reading One Summers – intern speaks

Interning at Sparkles Science

Having pursued the science stream post 10th standard till my graduation, I came to realize the necessity to impart science education more effectively amongst students. I decided to work in the field of science communication, and chanced upon an internship with SparkleScience. It turned out to be an enriching experience for me. What stood out in this internship was the sheer variety of things that … Continue reading Interning at Sparkles Science

DIY Wind Vaneometer

Toys from trash are amazing! And we couldn’t say that enough. The extent of topics a toy can teach/can be learnt is limited by our imagination. One such example is the Wind anemometer, add a wind vane to it, Vane+Anemometer- Vaneometer! Things you’ll need: 4 paper cups Foam block Plastic cup with lid Some sand 5 Skewers Plastic Straw Compass The Science: An anemometer works … Continue reading DIY Wind Vaneometer

Shadow theater!

Shadows are one of the most common yet intriguing things that we see around us. In this edition of DIY toy factory, we present the amazing Shadow theatre, an awesome toy to explore your imagination using very few materials available at your nearest stationary. Things you’ll need: A shoe (carton) box Butter paper Torch Silhouette prints Ice cream sticks Tape Scissors The Science: Light interacts … Continue reading Shadow theater!

Defining Science at Sparkleszone

Originally posted on Sparkles Science :
Science is a foundation for continuous learning and not just about using tools and following procedure for an experiment/activity. It is a means to introduce and explain scientific processes in the most simple form. This can be realized when involving the children in such activities which increases their participation and understanding of the world around them Science experiments should not… Continue reading Defining Science at Sparkleszone

Alternative careers in Science you must know!

We live in a time where scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations are the new “normal”. Everyday there is some or the other article/blog about some discovery or invention, one of the many reasons to love science! And to choose science as a career? Why not! However hold this thought for a while. Let’s say a kid asks you “What are the things I can do … Continue reading Alternative careers in Science you must know!

Yet another moment to be cherished @ Door Step School

There is this famous quote from one of the most famous personalities to be born, the legendary physicist Albert Einstein, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. I couldn’t understand the meaning of this little quote completely until a few days back, when like every year, the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated. But this year’s Janmashtami turned out to … Continue reading Yet another moment to be cherished @ Door Step School

Intern speak: Divyanshi Sar

Every six months, we take in interns to help us out and take science to the kids. In this corner, Intern speak, we tell you a little about the people who have worked with us so far and their takeaways from the experience. Divyanshi Sar An electronics engineer from Fr. Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Divyanshi has worked in the IT industry as well as in the … Continue reading Intern speak: Divyanshi Sar