Interning at Sparkles Science; not a cakewalk

On his way to the Arizona state university for a masters degree in engineering; George interned with us just before leaving. Here is his experience at Sparkles Science.
“I was always into science during my school days and was curious about the experiments what was taught in class. I still remember the adrenaline rush I got when I saw the theoretical experiments being conducted practically when I attended my first science exhibition in school in 8th standard.

When I heard about Sparkles Science , I didn’t think twice to join them and to teach children what they will be really missing out and show them how cool is science when you understand them experimentally.

After I joined sparkle science it wasn’t easy as I thought It would have been. There was a lot more to learn and I discovered the qualities I had that I didn’t know off. This organisation has given me the opportunity to teach and learn how taxing it can really be. I wish Sanskriti and its team all the very best for its future endeavours and I hope that they continue doing the awesome work they have been doing.

I did my production engineering in Father Conceicao Rodrigues college of engineering at Bandra. During my college days I was a active member of my College’s nation social scheme. Helping rural areas to learn about the modern day technologies and also conducting various awareness and blood donation camps. After graduating I was working for a company called Pittie Patanjali, one of the major distributors of Patanjali ayurved. Currently planning for my higher studies in masters in Industrial engineering”

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