Alternative careers in Science you must know!

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We live in a time where scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations are the new “normal”. Everyday there is some or the other article/blog about some discovery or invention, one of the many reasons to love science! And to choose science as a career? Why not! However hold this thought for a while. Let’s say a kid asks you “What are the things I can do with a background in science?”. Well that’s simple right? A doctor, an engineer, a professor, an astronaut, a pilot and just when you think you can go for a while, you just stop to think really hard (maybe come up with some more stuff though you are not sure why!).

The point here is to acknowledge the fact the education and profession have become far too inter-disciplinary. That is why engineers study management or a biologist ends up studying mathematics required for some areas. I always wanted to be an engineer, but that did not mean that I was not into history or politics or economics. Let’s take a look at some of the alternative careers in science that you should know about, after all science is awesome!

#1) Science and Law:

Technologies is what makes our world moving and at the same time, intellectual property rights is an important thing. Job titles Patent agents, Patent examiners, Technology transfer specialists require people from science background who may or may not have a law degree. Apart from these there are many engineers and scientists who study law and become lawyers. Imagine bringing justice from science. That’s the dream

#2) Science and entertainment:

Well entertainment is a huge word. Science educators and their videos on YouTube  with cool science experiments are always fun to watch. Only this time it would be you in front of the camera! And internet is not the only place! We at Bluesparrow Events do science stage shows at various events and parties because of the awesome things that we come across in science.

#3) Science and writing:

Some of us have like writing blogs, articles because it is a way of expressing yourself and your experiences. Science journalism requires a person with academic background in science but at the same time the creative and command over the language of a journalist. You could follow a research that you’ve always been into and get paid for writing about it. What did I tell you about science huh?

#4) Science and Economics:

Again this is a huge word since it involves job titles like Market Research Analyst, Program Manager, Business Development Manager and so on. Knowing the likes and dislikes of consumers and studying about them is something fascinating in itself. This involves a combination of scientific tools as well as inter personal skills to gather information and that decides the fate of a certain product. This is the job of a Market Research Analyst. Similarly working on a particular product during its entire life cycle- from the generation of idea to it’s maintenance and sales also requires a good scientific temperament

And then there are many other unexplored opportunities that we would not be aware of. Have some other combination in mind? Please leave in your comments below. Untill next time. Happy Sciencing!

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