Interning at Sparkles Science

Having pursued the science stream post 10th standard till my graduation, I came to realize the necessity to impart science education more effectively amongst students. I decided to work in the field of science communication, and chanced upon an internship with SparkleScience. It turned out to be an enriching experience for me.

What stood out in this internship was the sheer variety of things that I got to do. From helping build content, to organizing a science themed party, to conducting summer workshops for different age groups, there was not a single moment of monotony.

I learnt innovative and interesting ways to explain complex scientific concepts to children. While working with kids, I not only developed patience but also the art of keeping them engaged constructively.

The Sparkles team is a warm, close knit, team with some exceptionally talented minds. I have developed some wonderful relationships here and will cherish these for a lifetime.

As I move ahead to pursue higher studies in this very field, I hope to take forward the vision of this company and to contribute to the cause of science in every way possible.Shruti Photo.jpg

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