One Summers – intern speaks

Joining Sparkle Science for a summer internship had been a very last-minute decision for me, based on a strong recommendation from a prior intern. However, it will be one of my most cherished decisions. The vision that Sparkle Science carries is one that I always strongly identified with, and finally got to contribute towards, in my capacity, during my stint with this organization. I was given the opportunity to deliver in a completely new profile, unlike anything I’d ever done before and trusted with considerable responsibility. This goes to show the ambitiousness that still drives Sparkles and makes the internship a challenging ride.
At its core, I feel it’s the people that make Sparkles what it is. I had the pleasure of working alongside the wonderful and talented team of Sparkles and meeting some new lovely people. Each person, proficient in their way, made this experience worthwhile. Looking forward to more breakthroughs from Sparkles and making a positive impact. Godspeed.

– Prashasti Sar

Carnegie Mellon University

ECE student

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