Who we are


Sparkles is an interdisciplinary education platform created to promote free and progressive thinking in children in villages and cities. We help children discover their true potential and their creative selves!

We intertwine together various disciplines such as science, maths, arts, culture, and more, through creative, fun-to-do, project-based workshops.

In these interdisciplinary workshops, we weave stories, games, and activities around different concepts. Examples of such concepts include Ancient Civilization of Egypt, Disparities in India, Patterns in Nature – Math Art, Science in Daily Life, and many more.

The classrooms are abuzz with expressions of art, pottery, craft, drama, experiments, activities, etc. We believe in free and progressive education. We believe the children should be equipped with mediums of expression, and rest should be left to them.

In addition to these workshops, we also provide educator training, conduct workshops for schools, and do curriculum interventions.

We do science workshops, science shows at parties and schools. We make science books and kits.


Sanskriti Singh, an educator with a Masters degree in Economics and Education, strives for excellence in alternative teaching methods for children. She is the mother of a 9-year old, and a 4yr old. They love messy play. When not teaching, she experiments with cooking and painting. Through Sparkles, she is realizing her vision of designing meaningful classrooms for children.

13 thoughts on “Who we are

      1. Please let me know whenever you open in Bangalore. I would be interested for my daughter

  1. Hi,

    Do you conduct any workshops/activities for 4 yr olds? Please do let me know if you conduct any workshop in Dwarka, Delhi or Gurgaon, I would be interested for my daughter.

  2. Hi, we have an activity club at mumbai and would be interested in conducting your sessions at our center.Please let us know how we can take it fwd.

  3. Hi Sanskriti. … Need to know a bit more about sparkles zone please let me know from where can i do so .. Moreover is it a franchise based system .. Can i join as a member…

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