DIY Wind Vaneometer

Toys from trash are amazing! And we couldn’t say that enough. The extent of topics a toy can teach/can be learnt is limited by our imagination. One such example is the Wind anemometer, add a wind vane to it, Vane+Anemometer- Vaneometer! Things you’ll need: 4 paper cups Foam block Plastic cup with lid Some sand 5 Skewers Plastic Straw Compass The Science: An anemometer works … Continue reading DIY Wind Vaneometer

Shadow theater!

Shadows are one of the most common yet intriguing things that we see around us. In this edition of DIY toy factory, we present the amazing Shadow theatre, an awesome toy to explore your imagination using very few materials available at your nearest stationary. Things you’ll need: A shoe (carton) box Butter paper Torch Silhouette prints Ice cream sticks Tape Scissors The Science: Light interacts … Continue reading Shadow theater!

Alternative careers in Science you must know!

We live in a time where scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations are the new “normal”. Everyday there is some or the other article/blog about some discovery or invention, one of the many reasons to love science! And to choose science as a career? Why not! However hold this thought for a while. Let’s say a kid asks you “What are the things I can do … Continue reading Alternative careers in Science you must know!