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BlueSparrow Birthdays does science events and parties for birthdays, play dates, schools.

Customized theme based parties (Mix your theme with science – from frozen theme, superheroes, harry potter, PJ mask, Geronimo, fairies, name a theme we will customize the party)

Blue Sparrow Science offers unique science themed birthday parties where the participants perform science experiments and fun activities during a birthday party!!

Blue Sparrow Science is a creative party program for children of age group 4 to 14 years. Children understand the concepts of science through fun filled experiments; take home projects, hands on activities.


CLASSIC SCIENCE PARTY – Science birthday parties are a mix of science show and experiments conducted by the participants.


DINO – MITE PARTY : – Welcome to the jurassic Park. ROAR! It’s time to party like a dinosaur! Get ready for some prehistoric fun with these dino-mite party ideas. From DIY party decorations to a homemade volcano cake and plenty more ROARsome ideas in between! Throw a prehistoric birthday bash your little T-Rex will never forget with these Dinosaur Party Ideas! Full support will be given on creative party planning tips as well as great dinosaur-themed decorating ideas, food, games, and activity suggestions.


SPACE PARTY :- Save yourself from asteroids and alien gas as you go treasure hunting the universe. But first master Zero gravity like a real astronaut, and learn to navigate cloud burst. And don’t forget to get the Alien Slime back to earth!


HARRY POTTER PARTY – With Magic potions # Misty, foggy, icy fume based science show! With experiments which are -100 degrees celcius which is chiller than north pole! Colourful and frosty will leave each spectator gasping for breath!


Rainbow/Unicorn Party – Fun with colourful chemistry experiments, foamy mountains, fuzzy drinks, icy polymer eat-ables and squishy rocks!!! This is perfect for 1-5 yrs of kids for sensory play !! Whether you have a little one who is Unicorn OBSESSED! …Or you’re just throwing a cute themed party for friends and family, We are pretty confident you are going to find Unicorns, rainbows and all things magical with our festive Unicorn party ideas. It might be the most magical party you ever throw! 


Giant Bubbles Party – Get soaked in bubbles, from giant to oval to square to foamy…. get trapped inside a bubble, do a bubble race, catch a bubble, play a bubble game!


Crime scene investigation /Geronimo Party – Get a complete feel of a actual Crime scene set up. From shooting CCTV camera footage to Crime scene set up with all evidences layed out. Children get dressed up in CSI costume kit and take up real life roles of – Forensic team, Police team, CSI team with one lead from our side . They perform actual forensic path lab testing and use spying techniques to identify the culprit.

Age : for 7-12 yr olds.


Slimy trails – Children get drowned in making different kinds of slime with different kinds of additives. From the super exclusive ‘Transparent slime’ to Gak to Rainbow slime to colour of your choice slime. With different mixers – Orbeez, sparkles, beads


Liquid Nitrogen Masterchef :- Make instant ice creams, frozen marshmallows, icecream pellets, lollies and much more in this master chef birthday party idea.

Party highlights:-

  1. Science show done by professionals and Science Experiments done by kids
  2. Recommended Age group 4-12 Yrs
  3. Your Venue – your home, banquet, whatever !
  4. Interactive sessions
  5. Hands on Science Demos
  6. Choose from our pre-designed packages or let us customize for you
  7. Take aways at the end of the party


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15 thoughts on “Bluesparrow Birthdays

  1. Am interested in the different themes and details of activities you would be providing with the same…also the appoximate cost

  2. Hi am really interested in doing one of the theme for my kiddo. ..could u let me know an approximate budget .tia

  3. Hey i am interested in a fun filled science theme party for my 10 year old…please email me your details

  4. Heard from friends regarding this..was really fun n exciting. Looking forward to having this for my daughter’s birthday party…

  5. I am interested to know details for a house party im planning for my 8 year old son. Please send details along with cost and things required. Is it safe in the house

  6. i would like to have science themed party for my 7 year old son.
    kindly give some info on the package you provide and what all activities can we have for kids?

  7. Would be interested in hosting a science theme birthday party for my 7 yrs old son can u please share the details around 15 kids at cbd Belapur

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