DIY Wind Vaneometer

Toys from trash are amazing! And we couldn’t say that enough. The extent of topics a toy can teach/can be learnt is limited by our imagination. One such example is the Wind anemometer, add a wind vane to it, Vane+Anemometer- Vaneometer! Things you’ll need: 4 paper cups Foam block Plastic cup with lid Some sand 5 Skewers Plastic Straw Compass The Science: An anemometer works … Continue reading DIY Wind Vaneometer

Shadow theater!

Shadows are one of the most common yet intriguing things that we see around us. In this edition of DIY toy factory, we present the amazing Shadow theatre, an awesome toy to explore your imagination using very few materials available at your nearest stationary. Things you’ll need: A shoe (carton) box Butter paper Torch Silhouette prints Ice cream sticks Tape Scissors The Science: Light interacts … Continue reading Shadow theater!

Smoke rings

Smoke rings are one of the most common yet fascinating phenomena that occur in nature, oh yes; these toroidal, or donut-shaped vortices, are formed by blood flowing through the human heart, expelled as bubble rings by dolphin and other marine mammals for amusement, and even ejected from the craters of erupting volcanoes!! So how are they formed? It all breaks down to this fundamental principle … Continue reading Smoke rings

DIY: Build your own dancing ghost!

What just happened? How did the ghost dance? The answer: Electromagnetism All of this started about 200 years ago! There was this man called Hans Christian Oersted. He was a pharmacist, but was fascinated by Science. So he also became a Professor of Physics. His passion for Physics in fact led him to discover one of the most important principles of modern Physics, Electromagnetism! But how did he do … Continue reading DIY: Build your own dancing ghost!