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Watch this space for our Weekly summer workshop updates!!

Workshop 2013:-

Summers 2013
Summers 2013

This summers we are doing an action packed summer workshop in Kharghar, If you have a friend, family which has a child between 4 to 12 years of age, recommend us!

And post your shares and recommendations, we had an overwhelming response in the very first year. We were packed, We were over booked! Classrooms were filled meaningful chatter, laughter and engagement.


A month long interdisciplinary workshop was organised in Kharghar at the Creative Kidz playschool. Each week was dedicated to different concepts, where we made stories, models, and toys, and played games. The themes covered in the four weeks were:

1) Ancient civilization – We used Egyptian civilization to explain how the world dates back to a far older age than we can think of. How the civilizations are intertwined with each other, though we look at them in silos? How advanced their medicine was with Mummification and God of Life? We also made pyramids with straws and learnt how shapes move from 2-D to 3-D, and how a square based pyramid is different that a triangle base pyramid. We used flashlight to convert these pyramids into clocks and understand direction. We also studied the link between the Roman and Egyptian civilization. Stories of Cleopatra and Julius Cesar were childrens’ favourites. We also worked on the Sphinx which brings all kinds of civilizations together – from Indian to Mesopotamian to Egyptian etc. We wrapped the event with a visit to the Prince of Wales museum.

2) Incredible Science – This week was dedicated to understand the science around us. Each day had a theme such as air, water, electricity, and so on. For instance, on the day dedicated to Water, we worked around a story about a girl named Putul, who lives by the Ganges and how her village’s life depends on the river. We constructed various pumps, sprinklers, water toys to understand thrust, pressure, buoyancy, Archimedes principle, surface tension etc. Our experiments helped children understand water in-depth. Similar methodology that utilizes story telling was used to engage children on the subjects of air, electricity, chemicals, and more. The week was wrapped up with a field trip to Science Centre.

3)Math Arts – This week was an attempt to let the children explore Maths in daily life and nature. For example, on one of the days, they collected specimens and wrote down the patterns they observed in say a branch or a flower. This includes number patterns, sequence patterns, etc. Children also worked on creating a detailed Sierpinski triangle and tried decoding fractals, fractions, etc.

4)Science behind the Universe – This week was spent answering the following questions: How do rockets escape the gravity? How do space stations stay in a certain orbit and not stray away from the earth’s gravity? How is the moon visible? How is the sun visible? How does the solar system stay in its place? What keeps the world and universe together? To understand such questions we created a series of working models and did experiments around them. The week was wrapped up by a trip to planetarium.

In all, it was quite a comprehensive and rigorous month. We got pleasant response from the parents as well as children. The bond that we have developed shall stay with us forever.

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