Creating joy in the classroom

By Vinayak I came across this quote a few months ago from Arvind Gupta ji’s website which said; “And somewhere there are engineers Helping others fly faster than sound. But, where are the engineers Helping those who must live on the ground?” —   Young Oxfam Poster Ever since then, my perspective towards things around me has changed entirely. After graduating as an engineer, I wanted … Continue reading Creating joy in the classroom

Smoke rings

Smoke rings are one of the most common yet fascinating phenomena that occur in nature, oh yes; these toroidal, or donut-shaped vortices, are formed by blood flowing through the human heart, expelled as bubble rings by dolphin and other marine mammals for amusement, and even ejected from the craters of erupting volcanoes!! So how are they formed? It all breaks down to this fundamental principle … Continue reading Smoke rings